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[In layman’s terms]

EXPERIMENT ONE: Building a plaster mould around a soft fabric sculpture is challenging enough because plaster is heavy. This distorted the original sculpture (already stuffed with toy stuffing for extra support) and resulted in a big plaster encrusted heap. In short, it failed.

EXPERIMENT TWO: This time I stuffed my new sculpture with expanding foam making it very hard and strong and then I stapled the base to the table. It was firmly stuck in its position and going nowhere! I gradually built the mould around the object, one thin layer at a time, by flicking plaster all over it making sure to cover any nooks and crannies. The mould was later fired, turning the sculpture itself into dust, which was vacuumed clean. The mould was put back in the kiln, entrance facing up, with a pot on top of it containing my thick glass shards.  The heat caused the shards to melt through the hole in the pot and into the mould. The mould is later broken away and the glass sculpture washed of any plaster stuck in the texture.