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First featured as a performance titled Live Portraits and transmitted via Skype from Canberra, Australia to the UK as part of the International Woman’s Day Exhibition at Highfield campus, Southampton University, UK in 2012.

I was exploring traditional portraiture by wearing a fabric hood that covered my face and drawing onto it using my fingers and various pens to trace the contours of my face. This one features two faces as I recycled the hood. The drawings are nothing like I imagined them to be and the sculptures look nothing like me.

After the performance, the drawings were worked on further with paints and fabrics stiched on and then sent over to the UK and featured in a local art exhibition tilted, Beyond these limits. as a series of sculptures.


@2012 Donna Vokes
Self Portrait of the Artist – Study 1 (Series 1)
Fabric, Stuffing, Acrylic paint